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Lionfish Huntress

Lionfish have invaded the waters of the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. They are a destructive force with no known predators; that is until hunters like the Akumal Team of Lionfish Huntrers and Huntresses decided to hunt them in an effort to protect these waters and the wildlife that is indigenous to them. This website is here to tell the story of one community's quest to protect the Caribbean waters around them from the invasion of lionfish. We hope to use this site as well as the documentary, Lionfish Huntress to inspire others to find sustainable ways to fight threats to their environment.

Lionfish Huntress (working title) is a documentary that will explore the issues that surround lionfish – possibly the worst marine invasion to date in the Western Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean. We seek to educate the viewer by focusing on one community - Akumal, Mexico- and what Gynna, the team's founder, and her team of lionfish hunters do to address the lionfish problem affecting the Meso-American Reef. The Meso-American Reef is the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere. The Lionfish Huntress team are environmental activists, divers, a chef and some pure entertainers. Laura and Myrna are daughters and Gynna is the granddaughter of the founder of Akumal, Mexico who in his own right was a legend and adventurer. They came by their love and sense of adventure naturally. They are a unique group of mostly women trying to help save the barrier reef – one lionfish at a time.

gynna fileting lionfish

In keeping with her approach of taking a creative risk, executive producer Lydia Linton Pontius hopes to connect with traditional and non-traditional audiences with this story about the impact of the lionfish invasion. The entertaining eco-documentary Lionfish Huntress will help educate people about the problems lionfish are causing as well as offer creative ways to deal with the invasion. The executive producer has meaningful relationships with the Yucatan Environmental Foundation (YEF), Mexiconservacion and Centro Ecologico Akumal (CEA). She will reach out to other environmental groups such as , the World Lionfish Hunter’s Association, and Reef Environmental Education Fund (REEF). REEF organizes sportfishing teams and works with large aquariums that educate the general public about invasive species by reaching out to national and international environmental groups, distribution to libraries, dive shops, and sportfishing groups. Social awareness of this issue will be heightened by this documentary in conjunction with this website.

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